Student testimonials

Student testimonials

Here you can find testimonies of some of our Islamic banking master students:


“In my opinion, the Master programme in Islamic Banking is a great opportunity to get knowledge in the sphere of Islamic banking and finance. My primary motive to study Islamic banking is to get knowledge from the finance world and to do business with the Shari’ah compliant instruments because in that way it is more fair and confident do to business. Also, I am looking forward to studying something more about Islamic investment banking, my favorite subject in the whole Master programme.” - Bakir


“I identified the Islamic banking master study as a chance for improving my knowledge, skills and competences in the banking sector. I believe that acquirements in retail sector of Islamic banking, as one of the fastest growing segments in the banking industry, in the last seven years could be improved.” - Azra


“During the last year I worked in Bosna Bank International, the unique Islamic bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I learned what the concept of Islamic banking really is and became more interested in this term and areas such as ethics, product development, management, scope of products, regulations, restrictions, etc. Then I got the opportunity to be part of this Programme. I am writing this testimonial to express my great satisfaction with the quality of the work completed and quality of the people, professors and also my dear colleagues. I am pleased with how things turned out to be, now we have a clearer vision of who we are and in what direction we want to go.“ - Mubera


“This three-month studying has enriched me in two important things in my life: knowledge of Islamic economics and a wonderful opportunity to practice English language in B&H. Even though it is great for upgrading our skills, this programme requires a lot of sacrifice. Also, my experience with our professors is more then good! They are not just experts in their fields, but they also understand the needs and obligations of students and they are there to help us every time we ask for their help!” - Kanita


“Deciding to study Islamic Finance and Banking was a very spontaneous move on my part so I had very few expectations. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of the Master's programme. The professors have been highly qualified, each coming well prepared for their class with more than enough knowledge to satisfy our needs. Not to mention the fact that every professor, including local professors and guest lecturers, have had adequate presentation skills in the English language. The materials have also been quite exceptional, with up to date literature relevant to our classes and numerous options at hand so students do not have to spend time searching for materials elsewhere. Overall, for anyone interested in studying alternative economic theories pertaining to the financial and banking system I highly recommend this course.” - Amela


“In general, I like the whole concept of the study, because it will, and already does, give answers to many questions that are spinning around in my head. The most interesting part until now, was the one about Islamic law, because it is a totally new area of knowledge for me. The other thing I like is that the study is in English, so I hope to improve my language skills through it.” - Edita


“I opted for Islamic Banking programme because I find the curriculum interesting and crucial for my future in the banking sector, particularly in the field of Islamic Banking. At the end of my first semester I can say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Since studies are practice-oriented I am able to get a firm grounding in key subjects of this field. In addition, academic staff from both School of Economics and Business Sarajevo and University of Bolton, are renowned academics that are willing to help students in expanding learning experience outside of lectures. Whilst at University, I take advantage of the numerous activities and facilities available, which include Seminars organized by the Bank (BBI), Library and other student centers.Overall, I can say that I am very proud to be a part of this Programme. The friends I already made along with all the memories are unforgettable and I am really grateful to all the staff that made this course successful by now. It is surely the right choice.” - Muris

"The University of Sarajevo offers many things you would expect from an Islamic finance program - top scholars, academic support for your thesis, etc. What makes it so much better and different, however, is the opportunity to work in an Islamic bank. You get a first-hand view of how classroom lessons take shape in the real world. At the same time, you can develop professional experiences and contacts that can be very helpful after graduation." - Omar B. Yunus


"After my enrollment and first subject covered on the Islamic finance and banking program, I have realized that choosing to study this branch in economy, was one of the best decisions I have made so far. The reason for that is the subject matter which is very interesting for my further research studies as well as the professors which possess a great knowledge about the subject matter we are learning." - Muhamed


“Master studies of Islamic finance and economics at Sarajevo Faculty of Economics is a place to be for everyone interested in pursuing a career in this particular field. Highly skilled teaching staff which include many guest lecturers makes the entire process of studying much more interesting and challenging at the same time. Relations with professors are at the best possible level, students are encouraged to participate in classes and make constant contributions to every module which brings out the best out of each student. Newly designed facilities make the entire atmosphere much more pleasant for the process of gaining new knowledge. This study Programme has a huge perspective and I truly believe that it will produce experts in the field of Islamic economics and will constantly be improved to provide high quality learning process for new students.” - Kemal

“With Islamic financial institutions now operating in more than 75 countries worldwide, and working with brands with assets approaching US$2 trillion, Islamic finance has an important influence on the world’s financial stage. I became very interested in this Master programme since these Islamic Banking studies at the School of Economics and Business Sarajevo are the only one of this kind in the whole region of the Central and Southeast Europe, what gives me an opportunity to develop in the field that really interests me and the Master's degree will be recognized internationally.We work closely with the first class academics to acquire specific knowledge, critical awareness and analytical skills that global employers need.With the internship at BBI bank that I perform, I am able to connect the theoretical knowledge with the practical one.The mix of international students and their varied professional backgrounds contribute to the diversity of the discussions.I would highly recommend to prospective students to look no further and enjoy what this Programme has to offer.“ - Maja, winner of IRTI scholarship for funding Islamic banking master study

“I was attracted by the idea to start the "Islamic banking" master programme, to study and get involved in theoretical and practical knowledge, in the essence of this segment of financial movements in B&H, Europe, Middle East and worldwide. Since I'm working in the financial/banking industry from the beginning of my professional career, I am interested in widening my knowledge, by learning about the Islamic finance and banking, which is representing one of the fastest growing segments of world's economy. The Islamic financial/banking industry is giving me the opportunity to learn about financing and business from a completely different perspective, in contrary what I was used to experience through the theory and practice in the conventional banks. Islamic models, principles and business practices are in many ways diver from the ones I'm used to work with. The knowledge gathered by this Programme will allow me competently observe, practice and discuss about the Islamic banking sector, and draw the best from what I have learned. I will have the opportunity to compare the Islamic banking model with the conventional one, and to acquire knowledge in both of segments. Finally, the Islamic banking master programme is giving me the possibility to develop myself as well as my professional career.” - Dario 


"I find the Islamic Banking courses very helpful to give me a thorough understanding of Islamic Finance in a nutshell and focus on what is important for „breaking“into the finance industry. Courses are made so that firstly you listen some „beginner“ courses teaching you about the theory of Islamic Finance, and then you are up to „advanced“ level where critical review of the things you are learning is necessary. Within this process, the help of internationally recognized experts and professors from the field of Islamic Finance is evident.I would recommend this program to those who are eager to learn about economy and finance in an effective yet different way. I cannot forget the fact that this is also unique and internationally recognized type of Master programme not only in the Balkans, but the entire Europe, making Islamic Banking students (within the labor market) very competitive in the future." - Irfan