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Adnan Efendić


Fields of interest:

School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo
Affiliate Fellow at CERGE-EI, Prague
Associate Professor
+387 33 275 900; Institutional economics, applied economics

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Efendic et al. (2014). Diaspora and development - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Efendic et al. (2014). Ethnic tensions and economic performance – Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia

Efendic, A. (2010). Institutions and economic preformance in transition countries - With special reference to B&H

Zbinden, Dahinden and Efendic (2016). Diversity of migration in South-East Europe

Efendic et al. (2017) Social capital, migration, ethnic diversity and economic performance

SSCI publications:

Efendic, A. (2016). "Emigration intentions in a post-conflict environment: evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina", Post-Communist Economies.

Efendic, A. and Pugh, G. (2015). "Institutional effects on economic performance in post-socialist transition: a dynamic panel analysis", Acta Oeconomica.

Efendic et al. (2015). „Growth aspirations and social caital: young firms in a post-conflict environment“, International Small Business Journal.

Efendic et al. (2011)."Institutions and economic performance: a meta-regression analysis", European Journal of Political Economy.

Efendic et al. (2011). "Confidence in formal institutions and reliance on informal institutions in BiH: an empirical investigation using survey data", Economics of Transition.

Economics of Transition - Appendix
European Journal of Political Economy - List of MRA studies
European Journal of Political Economy - Appendix
Acta Oeconomica – Appendix

International journals:

Efendic, A. and Pugh, G. (2007). Institutions and Economic Performance: An overview of Empirical Research, SEE.

Efendic et al. (2017). Thriving and surviving activities of households during the crisis period, SOE.

Working papers:

Efendic et al. (2010). Institutions and economic preformance in transition, Staffordshire University.