Key qualifications

Ph.D. in economics.

Research focus on business competitiveness, information systems development, network economy, data-science and AI, telecommunication management and regulatory challenges.

Over 22 years of experience in delivery of different types of education programms, from under-and post graduated, master and MBA programms, to life-long-learning and professional development programms.

Extensive experience in design and delivery of advanced teaching methodologies and technics, as well as different tools for on- and off-site learning, Distance Learning, Internet and interactive content design.

Over 15 years of experience in management of educational programms and institutions.

Knowledge of different technics for training needs assessment and curricula design, as well tailored programme and course design.

More than 20 years of experience in project and portfolio management, licensed PRINCE2 Practitioner.

In-depth knowledge of government institutions and public administration in BiH.

Excellent experience in drafting national and regional strategic, policy and framework documents.

Selective experience in drafting IT and information society development related laws and bylaws.

More than 20 years in information and communication technologies area; from network and security, information system design and implementation, to eBusiness and ERP solution.

More than 15 years in various managerial positions.

Extensive experience in management of large budget and complex multi-partner and multi-component projects.

Proven ability in managing teams comprising international and local experts, and developing Work Plans, activity sheets, budgets and operational plans.

Over 20 years in various sizes project design, as well as internal and external evaluation.

In-depth knowledge of UN rules and procedures, gained from working for UNDP for 10 years.

Substantive knowledge of EU and other international organizations’ rules and procedures, gained from working directly within EC funded development and research projects.

Experience in designing and using project/programme logical framework.

Extensive experience in working with high-level Government representatives and civil servants, as well as EC Delegation and other international organizations in BiH.

Comprehensive understanding of project reporting obligations and coordinating progress reports across different teams and multi-project environment.