Public Private Partnership in Bosnia and Hercegovina; The Public Administration Reform in BiH Coordinator’s Office, Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2016-2017)

Going the extra mile for digital agenda – e-Leadership Efforts in SEE (2010)

eGovernance and ICT Usage Report for South East Europe – 2nd Edition (2009-2010)

Implementation programme for ICT in Health Sector Strategy of Canton Sarajevo for 2009-2015 (2009-2010)

BiH 2009 eReadiness Assessment Report (2009-2010)

eLeadership Programme for the Western Balkans (2007-2009)

Early Warning System (EWS) Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina (2000-2009)

eGovernment at the BiH Council of Ministers Programme – phase I and II (2005-2009)

SCORE Project – ICT Strategic Research Agendas for “Recommendations for shaping EU scientific co-operation with the Western Balkans Region in the field of ICT research: 2007-2013” (2007-2008)

Programme for establishment of regional Centre for eGovernance Development for SEE (2008)

“We-Go” Project, a Coordination Action within the 6th Framework Programme (2006-2008)

Terms of Reference for Informatization of Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2008)

eSEE Agenda Plus programme (2007)

Creation and implementation of first Distance Learning program at the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo (2006-2007)

EWS Special Report on “EWS Research 2000-2006” (2007)

eSEE Best Practice Showcase (2006-2007)

Government taskforce for state level eBusiness and eSignature Laws (2005-2007)

Government taskforce for development of Law on BiH Agency for Information Society (2006-2007)

eLegislation Reform Project (2004-2007)

Project for Informatization of the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo (2000-2006)

EWS Special Report on “Jobs and …more jobs” (2006)

BiH Legislation Database Project (2005-2006)

BiH 2005 eReadiness Assessment Report (2005)

New Micro-organization of the School of Economics and Business (2003-2004)

EWS Special Report on “Privatization of natural monopolies – energy, telecom and water supply” (2004)

SEE ICT Sector Status Report Project (2003-2004)

Development of handbook “How to Build Open Information Societies. A Collection of Best Practices and Know-How” (2004)

BiH ICT Forum Project (2002-2004)

Program for establishment of e-Net Center at the School, the first Bosnia and Herzegovina World Bank GDLN affiliated Distance Learning Center (2001-2003)

CISCO Networking Academy Support programme (2002-2003)

Early Warning System Methodology (2003)

Guidelines on how to build cabinet level body in charge for information society development in SEE region countries initiative (2003)

BiH 2002 eReadiness Assessment Report (2002)

Development of State Policy, Strategy and Action Plan for Information Society Development programme (2003-2004)

EWS Special Report on “Elections 2002” (2002)

eAgenda for the development of Information Society programme (2002)

National Human Development Report for Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2002 (2001-2002)

National coordinator for World Economic Forum – Transition To Peace Initiative (1999-2000)

MIT Center and OSF Soroš Foundations Distance Learning Project (1998)

MIS Center Presentation and Computer System Project (1997)

Presentation and Computer System of Institute of Economics – Tuzla Project (1997)