School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo, Library Information Center

Library of the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo was founded in 1952, following the establishment of the School itself. Over time, the library enriched its collections, not only in economic literature, but in other scientific areas as well. Nowadays, the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo has the richest, most valuable and oldest library for the science of economics in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the opening of the adapted and functionally equipped space in 2001, supported by the European Union project, the library grew into the Library Information Center.

Library Information Center of the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo is a specialized academic library which systematically collects (through purchase, exchange, donation and legal deposit),  library catalogues, preserves, and provides for use the library materials. Reference services provide information required for delivery and improvement of the teaching and scientific process and the scientific and research work at the School. Library Information Center is functionally equipped with all contents for contemporary library services and is intended for all types of cultural, scientific and educational work at the School, as well as for presentation and popularization of all major activities of the teaching staff and students.

Library Information Center provides its users and wider academic community with use of scientific literature, scientific information and documentation in line with the global standards and norms, both in the traditional hard-copy form and the electronic and on-line form.


Provide the users with access to sources of knowledge, information and cultural contents for the needs of educational, professional and scientific work, life-long learning, dissemination of information and decision-making.


Acting towards the most successful possible meeting of the information needs and wants of the users.


  • Information desk
  • Periodicals  reading room 
  • Textbooks collection  reading rooms 
  • Study reading room and media center
  • Room for team work 
  • Quiet reading room 
  • Workplace for persons with disability 
  • Workplace for internet access 
  • Lockers for clothes and personal belongings 
  • Display board
  • Exhibition space
  • Storage room



According to the inventory records, the fund comprised of:

  • 123.000 of monographic publications
  • 12.000 volumes of periodic publications

The fund also contains:

  • Audio and video collection
  • CD ROM collection 
  • Archive collection with about 13,000 diploma papers, 650 master's dissertations and 210 doctoral dissertations.

The library material placed in the reading room is protected by the 3M electronic system for book protection.

JDP Project

Library and Information Center of the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo has been a part of the Journal Donation Project, New School, New York since 1999. Through the JDP Project, Library and Information Center has the possibility to subscribe to renowned global scientific magazines at discount prices.


In 2001, Library and Information Center was granted the status of the deposit library for IMF publications in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thereby becoming a member of the network of UN depositary libraries – DEPOLIB. 


From 2006 and onwards, Library and Information Center is an equal member of the COBISSnet system (Co-operative Online Bibliographic System and Service) which contains more than 600 libraries from the region with about 8.000.000 on-line bibliographic entries.

Key words - when searching COBISS e-catalog / EFSA using the keyword list.


From the academic 2009/10 year, students can use the e–Library. E-Library is an online collection of the textbooks published by the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo and available for the students of undergraduate studies.