Certificate in Islamic Finance in Sarajevo 2017

Certificate in Islamic Finance in Sarajevo 2017

For the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, „Certificate in Islamic Finance in Sarajevo 2017“  summer seminar was organized by the Center for Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (CIEBF) at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo and the BBI Academy. Seminar was organized with the aim of creating a platform for education, promotion, research and development of Islamic economy and finance as the fastest growing financing model in the world. „Certificate in Islamic Finance in Sarajevo 2017“  was held from 3 to 6 July  2017, at the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo.

Islamic banking is the fastest growing industry in the world, with growth rates of around 20% and thousands of new jobs annually, and large markets are reaching $ 3.4 trillion by 2018.

The Seminar, during an intensive four day program, improved and developed participants` knowledge and skills in Islamic finance, the latest trends and practical applications of Islamic banking in Islamic commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, investment funds, and research and development institutions . Lectures were delivered by professors and experts from the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, Bolton University, Durham University and Markfield Institute from Great Britain, Bosna Bank International and Kuveyt Turk Bank, Turkey. We are very proud that we had participants from many countries: United Kingdom, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Bulgaria.

Beside educational part, the participants visited most famous touristic destinations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particulary Sarajevo and Mostar. Also, participants enjoyed a great time discussing different topics, connecting and meeting each other, networking and developing new contacts and frinedships.

CIEBF has an international reputation in teaching, conducting research, training, conferences, seminars in the field of Islamic economy, banking and finance. Within these activities, the CIEBF also runs a master program "Islamic Banking" with a joint degree with Bolton University from Great Britain, which has been selected among the top 5 study programs in this field in the world. Also, partner of this program is BBI Bank, which gives students of this study from BiH annually incentive scholarships in the amount of 40% to 80% of total tuition fees. All international students have a chance to get the 50% scholarship for this Master study.

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