Over 20 years of experience in managing projects. Extensive knowledge and experience in project management methodologies and implementation techniques. Worked within the framework of UNDP, European Commission and other international organizations on the standards and procedures related to planning and executing projects. Specific experience and knowledge in management of simultaneously run projects, individual and cross-managed project and portfolio planning, team building and facilitation of different diversely-structured project teams, leadership, scheduling, resource management, etc. Licensed Practitioner for PRINCE2 project implementation framework received from APM Group and UK Office of Government Commerce. Over a decade of experience in running projects with senior level representatives of governments and in complex and uncertain environments. More specifically working experience in simultaneous management principles such as dynamic planning, simultaneous task performance in diverse environment, multiple-team environment, dynamic monitoring, etc.

More than 15 years of experience in managing politically sensitive projects, as well as excellent communications skills and, as a long-time UN employee, ability to understand and successfully manage cultural/ethnic/political sensitivities.

Extensive knowledge in area of ICT and Information Society development within local Bosnia and Herzegovina context, as well as the Southeast Europe region. Excellent cooperation and experience in working with Stability Pact, European Commission – DG Information Society and Media, and Regional Cooperation Council.

Ability to organize work efficiently and to deal with heavy workloads. Sound judgment, maturity and a sense of initiative.



More than 20 years of experience in organizational management. Knowledge and experience in institutional setup, organization restructuring, operations management, financial and staff management as well as different management and financial issues. Familiar with privatization and post-privatization organizational issues, as well as extensive experience in restructuring of companies and organizations. As a member of Supervisory Board of largest telecom operator in BiH directly responsible for the largest restructuring process in the company history (division of postal and telecommunication services into two separated companies), as well as for the introduction of new organizational structure and new SAP based ERP systems.

Member of management team of UNDP for 10  years, in management tasks within international organizations, and as current Director of Business Academy of the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo, working experience in education and research management.



22 years of teaching experience in different types of education programs and training seminars. Extensive experience in design and application of different teaching methods like interactive distance learning techniques and tools, off-site learning, Internet-based training, interactive multimedia content, etc. In addition, knowledge and experience in techniques for Training Needs Assessment/Analysis, as well as different communication and negotiation skills.

As one of the authors and Deputy Manager of Distance Learning program at the School of Economics and Business experience in education development and management activities. Also, knowledge and experience in management of education institutions and centers of excellence. This includes operation management, planning and development, budget development and relevant organizational skills.

Finally, as a Director of Business Academy of the School of Economics and Business University of Sarajevo knowledge and experience in lifelong learning programs, as well as tailor-made courses/programs for both public and private partners.


PUBLIC SECTOR DEVELOPMENT (special focus on policy, strategies and action plans in eGoverment and eHealth areas of intervention)

20 years of experience in public sector development, especially in strategic planning, government business processes restructuring and introduction of different information systems, as well as various public administration reform issues and capacity building activities. Extensive experience in daily communication on public administration reform related issues with higher government representatives and government agencies. Among others activities specific experience in designing and implementation of different eGovernment systems and services, as well as eHealth solution.

As one of the national leaders in information society development, participated in the development of major Government strategic documents (State Information Society Development Strategy, Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper-PRSP, PAR Strategy, etc.) as well for the introduction of eGovernance concepts and eGovernment systems at BiH Council of Ministers. In addition, both national and international experience in policy formation and government strategic plans in the domain of information society development, ICT, and public administration reform. Substantive understanding of administrative standards and operational procedures in public administration processes, as well as existing ICT framework of BiH government operations.

As one of the authors of State Information Society Development Strategy and regional information society development frameworks, eAgenda and eAgenda+, relevant experience in working within regional environment and EU accession requirements.

In addition, as a creator of Early Warning System in BiH, knowledge and experience in wide aspects of political, social and economic monitoring and polices/actions identification. Also, experience in extensive data collection, processing and development of specialized tools for trends tracking, as well as recommendation formulation mechanism.

Finally, worked on preparation of the “Action Plan for implementation of Health information management strategy for the period 2009-2015” for Sarajevo Canton which included key stakeholder analysis and consensus-reaching facilitation, basic feasibility analysis, and conceptual design of appropriate integrated eHealth architecture for Canton Sarajevo. This included solution for integration of existing and future health information systems into single information space, compliance with major standards, such as CEN ISO TC251 (communications, terminology, security, and interoperability), HL7 interoperability healthcare standard, as well as availability of single EPR (Electronic Patient Record) to all cooperative health information systems. This also included overall guidance for strategy implementation, definition of institutional and financial implementation modalities, definition of governing and implementation structures, and required budget estimates.


INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND IT (special focus on analyses and IS development, revision of existing IS solutions, as well as eBusiness, eGov and eHealth integration and implementation issues and challenges)

Extensive experience with state level and company-based information systems design, development and introduction. In addition, background in corporate strategic use of IT, as well as strategic planning and integration of eGovernment systems and services, especially related to back-end government systems.

Years of experience in planning, techniques and tools in analyzing and designing different types of information systems. In addition, experience related to planning and usage of the broad range of different technology-based systems, as well as integration of traditional application systems, knowledge systems, communication tools, web-based systems and portals, ERP and decision support systems. Also, knowledge and experience on hardware and software architecture design, different types of networks, database design, data exchange, network security and protection, system implementation, rollout plans and maintenance mechanism. Experienced in information systems implementation in both private and public sector, as well as in educational institutions.

Standard software tools (editors, text processors, MS Office, MS Project, graphic tools, Internet and Web design tools. etc.). Knowledge of different operation systems, from Windows and Leopard, to SUSE and different Linux OS. Also, working knowledge and experience in MS Exchange and Lotus groupware, as well as Moodle® distance learning platform.



Experience in different aspects of business consulting in transitional economies. From pre- and post-privatization restructuring, capital investments, capital market take-overs and regulatory aspects to organizational management and company reorganizations. Special experience in working in telecom and IT sector in BiH.