About us

Alumni Association of the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo is a voluntary association that is open for membership to all those who have obtained their Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degrees at the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo. The purpose of this Association is connecting all cohorts of the students at the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo, with a view of accomplishing ongoing cooperation among their ranks.


Creation of permanent ties among the alumni, students, teaching staff, and the academic and wider community.


Develop a strong sense of pride and loyalty to the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo among its past and current students through social interaction, student recruitment, career development and involvement in the development of the community.


  • Promoting the stability, importance and significance of the Alumni Association;
  • Connecting former students of the School of Economics and Business into the alumni organization;
  • Creating a pool of alumni with their data and making it available with the aim of making future business connections;
  • Developing and strengthening links among students, alumni, faculty and the community;
  • Organizing events, seminars, conferences with the aim of professional and personal improvement of the alumni;
  • Strengthening the reputation of the School of Economics and Business and promoting the interests of the School of Economics and Business;
  • Developing cooperation between the School of Economics and Business and companies and institutions which engage former students;
  • Participating in international scientific and professional exchange and establishing relations with Alumni associations from the region and beyond;
  • Improving academic skills in line with requests of the economy, public sector as well as all other interest groups.

Activities of the Association

  • Allowing on-line registration to all members (via modified web page), quick and efficient access to information and establishment of mutual contacts;
  • Alumni Association magazine follows the current economic developments, projects which involve the School with the members of its Alumni Association, most recent scientific and research achievements of the Association’s members;
  • Organization of round tables, seminars and conferences treating current economic and social issues;
  • Organization of educational and training programs for the members of the Alumni Association in the context of higher degree of dissemination of information on available information techniques and packages, and quantitative methods that may facilitate and substantially improve both their work and development within scientific and research activities ;
  • Organization of meetings of the Alumni Association members with students, so they could pass on their practical experience and knowledge;
  • Organization of official meetings of the Alumni Association members (e.g. anniversaries, celebrations, and marking of important dates for the of the Alumni Association and the School of Economics and Business, etc.);
  • Cooperation with other alumni associations and associations related to the economic profession in the country and beyond (e.g. Association of Economists, Association of Accountants, Association for Quality, etc.);
  • Support of the Alumni Association members to improve operations of companies and institutions in which they work, through educational and research initiatives; 
  • Formation of the Alumni Center for career monitoring, so that the Alumni Association members may have, through mutual cooperation, access to information on opportunities for further specialization and opportunity to apply for positions that better suit their competencies and qualifications;
  • Travel programs in the sense of professional specialization of the Alumni Association members;
  • On-line Alumni directory (in combination with Find-A-Friend services) which allow for continuous internet access and which is regularly updated and amended with information which is at the disposal of the Association;
  • Ensure special privileges in terms of library access, opportunity to search data bases (scientific and research information), on-line catalogues, bibliographies, etc.;
  • Ensure financial means (special benefits) for continuing formal education and other educational activities of the Alumni Association members.


One may become a full member of the Alumni Association voluntarily, by signing the application form, which signifies acceptance of the goals, rights and obligations set forth in the Statute and in the decision of the Alumni Association. The decision on acceptance into full membership is made by the Managing Board on the basis of the application form, petition or written request of the person who wishes to become a member.

It is common for students who are close to completing their studies not to attain automatic membership but to express their willingness to become members of the Alumni Association in their final year.

Access to (membership in) the Association is free of charge.

Organizational positioning

Alumni Association is an organization (body) within the School of Economics and Business (is registered as an association within the Schools of Economics and Business in Sarajevo). It shall be present in most of the activities of the School. The bodies of the Alumni Association are:

  • Assembly consisting of all full members of the Association which has the highest authorities in terms of management of the Association;
  • Management Board, as the executive body of the Assembly;
  • Chairperson;
  • Secretary;
  • Supervisory Board, as the body for control over the work of the Association.

The Association is presented and represented without restriction by the Chairperson of the Association, and in the case of his/her absence or inability to do so, the Association may be represented by the Secretary of the Association. These two are the official signatories on the behalf of the Association. Transparency of the work of the Association is the responsibility of the Association’s Chairman and Management Board. Likewise, for the Association to successfully star its operation, it is necessary that it is substantively institutionalized in the organizational structure of the School.

The Electoral Assembly of the Alumni Association of the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo was held on 8 November 2007. The event was attended by 35 members.

Word Minutes from the Electoral Assembly

Financing of the Association

In the beginning of its operations, the Association shall primarily be financed from the School’s budget. The revenues of the Alumni Association shall consist of:

  • revenues generated in accordance with law;
  • grants and donations from individuals and legal entities for particular programs and projects;
  • donations from the budget for scientific and professional activity;
  • revenues from property and rights;
  • other forms of financial and material assistance.

Possible excess revenues over expenditures, which the of the Association may make in the course of performance of its activities, can be used by the Association exclusively for performance and improvement of the activities in question, that accomplish the goals set out in the Statute. The decision on purpose of these funds shall be made by the Assembly.