Pre-arrival checklist

  • Contact IO by mail
  • Make sure that the structure and syllabus of SEBSs’ courses and programs is consistent with your needs; also get a confirmation that subjects passed at SEBS will be recognizes at your University
  • Find out if you have to apply for Bosnian visa or a residence permit
  • Arrange for housing/accommodation
  • Make sure your passport is valid and not about to expire
  • Make your travel arrangements
  • If you take prescribed medication, take it with you and, if possible get a short description from your doctor explaining what it is for
  • Make sure to take all financial documents and information with you
  • Make sure to take all documentation required for admission at SEBS
  • In order to get registered at the Students’ Admission Office, the basic documents that will be required are:
    • Copy of passport/ID
    • Birth certificate
    • Transcript of records 
    • Enrollment Certificate from home institution
    • 2 portrait-sized pictures (for your Indeks)
    • "Bijeli karton" - So called "White Card" is your adress registration in B&H
  • When you come to SEBS you will need to do extra payment for Admission materials (Index and admission papers cost approximately 15 €).
  • Send final information on your arrival to IO by mail, so that Students Volonteers can assist you when you arrive to Sarajevo

    alt Manual for incoming students

Upon arrival

  •  Register with the authorities
  • Arrange for insurance, if required
  •  Visit IO during a tour around SEBS with your Helper
  • Attend Information session with IO team before departure
  • Make sure that you obtain transcript of records in SEBSs’ Admission Office

After SEBS

Stay in touch! Don’t be a stranger!