Mission and Core Values

IO supports and promotes the existing international networks and partnerships cultivated by the various institutes and faculties and works on expanding the existing network. The office is overall responsible for the ongoing internationalization process at SEBS. The office works closely together with the School and other units to develop international contacts, programs and projects.

It stimulates the development of internationalization in all aspects of the SEBS’s activities (research, learning, curriculum development, staff and student recruitment) and enhances the international dimension of SEBS. IO is the first port of call for international inquiries. The goal is to become the center of all sorts of international activities at the school and Bosnia and Herzegovina in general.

While encouraging internationalization, every effort is made to ensure that agreements contribute towards SEBS mission, providing direct benefit to the Faculty staff and/or students.


IO brings SEBS to the world and the world to the SEBS!

The IO's mission is to actively promote international and intercultural understanding and to enrich the academic and cultural environment of SEBS by facilitating the exchange of people and ideas.

The Goal is to provide the necessary conditions to promote and intensify the internationalization process by enhancing the profile and reach of SEBS both internationally and locally.

The IO team has the common objectives of internationalizing the SEBS curricula across departments, improving the SEBS experience for international students and scholars, promoting international educational exchange and helping create a community responsive to the increasingly international needs and obligations of academic citizenship of today.

Becoming a one stop spot for your international experience!

The SEBS community – students, faculty and staff – has a broader world view, has a richer understanding of other cultures, deeper international knowledge and experience and is more tolerant of differences as a result of efforts and activities conducted by the IO.


  • We value students and faculty and their willingness to step beyond the safety of what they already know.
  • We value what international guest students and scholars bring to the SEBS.
  • We value skills, education, training and personal growth in all its forms.
  • We value tolerance, internationalism, intercultural awareness and communication, diversity and respect for other people and cultures.
  • We value open-mindedness, creativity, flexibility and innovation.
  • We value knowledge, professionalism, competence & strong work ethic.
  • We value and cherish equal rights and opportunities for all, no matter what gender, nationality, age, race or religion they belong to.
  • We value teamwork, mutual respect, fun and optimism.