Incoming Degree Students

If you are looking to enroll as a full-time degree student the School of Economics and Business, please take a look at our Manual for International Degree Students first.

You can download the PDF from our drive here

Please note that, asides from the process of reconition of diplomas, potential students need to take an entrance exam during July (1st and 2nd cycle of studies). Regarding the exact dates of the entrance exams, please feel free to contact us during June of the respective year.



Financial Management and Marketing Management (FM&MM) concentrations have been taught at the Management Department since the academic year 2008/2009. From the academic year 2011/2012, the classes are held completely in the English language.

The reason behind the introduction of classes is keeping abreast with the latest global trends in education. Specifically, the students gain many benefits by studying in English, most important of which is mastering of the language that you will require in your future professional specialization. The very fact that you will be studying in this way increases your opportunities for studying abroad, participating in student exchanges, benefits when enrolling into the Master’s study and, of course, greater chances for getting employment.

Become a part of the first cohort of students who will receive instruction in this way.
Take the future into your hands and apply today!

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