First of all, you will probably ask yourself who can apply to be part of the exchange programs at SEBS?

It is possible for all students to apply, no matter which cycle you are currently on. Also, it is possible for you to apply even if you are a student of the pre–Bologna programs. Non–academic staff can also apply for some of the programs.

Is it true that mostly it is only the region I can go to? Where can I go?

No. Within the programs in which the University of Sarajevo and SEBS are involved in there are many EU university partners. To which countries, cities and universities you can exactly go, of course, depends on the program you will apply for. For example, if you are going to apply for the new ERASMUS MUNDUS II program, you can go to universities located in Finland, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic…

I will never get a scholarship. My average grade is to low.

It is really important that you know that your average grade is only one of many things which will be graded if you apply for a scholarship. It is important to have a very good motivational letter, CV,... Also, you can increase your chances to be chosen, by applying for universities which are not so popular, for example if we are considering the new ERASMUS MUNDUS II program, some of the most popular universities would be University of Graz, University of Bologna, University of Granada,... A lot of students apply for these for these universities and thus you are automatically reducing your chances to be selected.

How can I increase my chances to be chosen?

Besides, like we have already told you, choosing a not very popular university, you should also consider to enrich your CV by volunteering, trying to get as much as possible recommendation letters, knowing the native language which is spoken in the chosen university’s country, you create a good quality learning agreement with your academic coordinator (in your case, your academic co – operator is SEBS International Office)… Also, if you are applying for a scholarshis for undergraduate studies, your chances are higher, because the largest number scholarships are usually given to undergraduates.

Which documents I usually need for applying on mobility programs?

The usual documentation may include:

  • Copy of your passport
  • CV
  • Motivational letter
  • Recommendation letters
  • Transcript of records
  • Learning agreement
  • A certificate or diploma proving your language knowledge

If you are applying for scholarships for the master, doctorate or post – doctorate degree, than you may also need Bachelor/Master degree certificate (or equivalent).

How can going abroad benefit me?

Of course going to study abroad is a unique experience. You will go on a foreign university, get to know new people and experience a new culture, improve you language knowledge, see other professors and their teaching methods. Also, putting this information into you CV will certainly enrich it, and give you more chances for getting a good job as soon as possible.

You have decided to come to SEBS, what are some of the basic information you should know?

SEBS has been established in 1952. It has the longest tradition and is the largest educational institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a leading institution in the BH higher education system in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of economics and business administration. Our main building is the center of Sarajevo, and we have two secondary buildings app. 5 minutes away from the main building. Also our faculty is one of the most modern, considering information technology. We have a very good equipped library, which also has access to databases like EBSCO, EMERALD, SCIENCE DIRECT…

Living in Sarajevo, how is it?

As you may probably know, Sarajevo is the capital city of  B&H, with approximately about 450,000 citizens. Sarajevo is a very interesting city, with lots of things to be seen, and with an intense nightlife. The people are kind and ready to help, and we are sure that you will not have a problem adoption to our lifestyle and culture. You can find more information about our city in the Coming to SEBS section on the website.

Which are the programs offered by our faculty?

We have various courses which are offered in English, and two undergraduate programs which are completely held on English: Financial Management and Marketing Management. You can find more information about our programs in the Coming to SEBS section on the website.

Which is the basic documentation I have to bring to be admitted to our faculty?

As you arrive on our faculty, we will have to admit you, a process which is done in co – operation with the Students’ Admission Office. The basic documentation which you should bring with you is:

  • Transcript of records that confirms your status at your home university (proof that you have passed all exams so far)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Nationality/Citizenship Certificate
  • 2 photos (for your index)

Also, you will be required to pay for admission materials (includes index and admission papers; approximately 15 €). Some other extra payments may also be required, which depends on the details of the mobility program you are participating in.

What is the student e-card?

Following the newest trends in higher education, in the Summer Semester 2011, SEBS introduced the student e – cards, which are the main tool for controlling students’ attendance on classes, but also gives access to all the other services on SEBS (access to library, computers, etc). Very important information for you might be that we have 70% required attendance as a prerequisite for entering the final examination.

How can I benefit from studying on SEBS?

Like we have already mentioned, SEBS is one of the most developed faculties in B&H. Our professors and stuff have a very rich international experience. Also the quality of our study programs has been confirmed recently by our faculty being accredited by AQA (Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance), so you can be sure that our programs will give you a high quality education. Also, you will get the chance to experience a wonderful culture, to meet new, interesting people,…

For additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us: cms@efsa.unsa.ba.