Studying at SEBS

Academic information

Academic Calendar

Click here for the Academic Calendar and here for the exact system of the lectures in fall semester 2015/2016.

Programs in English

SEBS offers to whole 1st cycle of studies (6-semester degree programs - 180 ECTS) - Management section in English. To check the current catalogue of courses offered in English click here.

*Note: exchange students are allowed to combine courses from each year; just pay attention in which semester the courses you are interested in are available (I, III & IV – Fall semester; II, IV &VI – Spring semester)

SEBS Programs 

Lessons & exercises

After successfully completing the course requirements exchange students receive an official transcript of their records.

A very important information for you might be that we have 70% required attendance at courses (lectures and exercises) as a prerequisite for entering the final examination.

ISSS & Courseware

After your enrollment at SEBS, you’ll get an ISSS* account, which enables registration for examination period (Ispiti → Prijava ispita), selection of elective courses, registration of various certificates etc. There will be an official announcement on the web site in regards of the registration dates for the final exams.

Courseware is based on Moodle open source platform ( All course presentations, notifications, schedules and general information are uploaded on the moodle for students benefit. It can be accessed via:

*Studentski Informacioni Sistem Univerziteta u Sarajevu (Student's Information System)

Student Record Book (Index)

When you get enrolled at SEBS, you will receive a Student Record Book, or what in B/C/S languages is called Indeks. It is a common university document (a small dark-blue booklet) at public universities of the region. It contains basic information about the student and is used to write down all grades after passing particular courses (this is done by professors). The Indeks also serves as the confirmation of your status as a student of the University. You must remember to have it with you when you sit your exams.


Following the newest trends in higher education, in the Summer Semester 2011 SEBS has introduced the student e – card, which is the main tool for controlling students attendance on classes, but also gives access to all the other services on SEBS (access to library, computers, etc).