Mission, Vision & Values


Treasury of knowledge and experience united and aimed at the enhancement of (all segments of) B&H society.
Considering the fact that we have been a treasury of knowledge and experience, we are in the position to fulfil our mission and provide high quality education to our students through the deliverance of a responsive and innovative curriculum that encompasses autonomous intellectual and professional development. By promoting excellence in research we contribute to the wellbeing of all segments of the society; by strengthening the relationship with business community and policy makers and through partnerships throughout the region, we are keeping the treasury of knowledge and experience continuously relevant.    


School of Business and Economics tends to become an influential higher education institution in the Southeastern Europe in the fields of business and economics, promoting the connections and enhancing a dynamic dialogue on socially responsible politics as a leading institution in B&H higher education. 


Quality: we are focused on high standards in teaching and research with the intention to achieve good study results.  
Excellence: we have been continuously working on the enhancement of all aspects of our activities and we are concentrating our efforts to achieve an impact on politics and excellence in research. 
Responsibility: we support research that is in the public interest and we participate in campaigns of policy advocating. We actively promote social responsibility of higher education institutions and we encourage their leading roles in the discourse of public policies. 
Integrity: scientific integrity and ethical behaviour represent the foundation of our codex that guarantees mutual respect and freedom from political interference. Pillars of integrity underpin prolific partnerships full of trust with our groups of interest and influence. 
Openness: we guard academic freedom and institutional autonomy. We advocate the principles of equal opportunities, open access to knowledge, tolerance to different opinions and enhancement of usefulness through cooperation and solidarity.