CEO conference

School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo, has been organizing, apart from formal education, a number of projects for young people that are of enourmous significance  for their development, education and preparation for the labour market, and are aimed at enhancing their competitiveness in the real sector. One of the projects is CEO (Career and Entrepreneurship Opportunities) conference which represents the greatest regional event for the young.

The aim of this project is to expose young people to the stories of successful and entrepreneurial people coming from the world of economics, marketing, management and innovations. It joins the successful life stories of these enterprising people and the attention of young people in order to motivate them and instigate them to a productive work. 

The mission of CEO Conference is to gather young and successful individuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro, and make them share their life and business experiences, successes and failures, ideas and knowledge in the context of different disciplines such as career development, entrepreneurship, technology and motivation.   

In the last seven years, over 12000 young people in four states and eight cities were witnesses of inspirational life stories, stories of failure and success, and important lessons told by guests and speakers. We proudly point out that we were a part of a positive change, and that we managed to move boundaries and ways of thinking of the young with this project, and  to show that success in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region is possible with a lot of effort, perseverance and will.   

We also proved to the young that opportunities and possibilities are all around them and that it is only with effort and hard work on themselves that they can become better versions of themselves and thus enhance the community they live in.  

„The Power of Choice“ was the slogan of the last-year CEO conference that was held on April 11th 2019, in Bosnian Cultural Center in Sarajevo.

With purposely created conferential-educational content adjusted to student population and to high-school graduates, and with the examples of successful young people form the real sector, CEO Conference 2019 tried to instigate the young in an interesting, motivating and innovative way to take a proactive approach to the development of their careers with the aim to strengthen their competitiveness on the labour market. It was the biggest CEO Conference with over 1000 participants.   

The leader of the CEO Conference was Anes Hrnjić, MA, the leader of SEBS Career Centre and a senior assistant at the Department of Management and Organization.