About us

The School of Economics and Business (hereinafter: SEBS) is both a national leader and an internationally recognised academic and research institution in the fields of business and economics. It strives to be perceived as the world-renowned institution for the quality of its academic programmes and achievements in education and research. In view of this, our school welcomes applications from exchange students and visiting students who study at other business schools, universities and colleges based in Europe or overseas and seek to spend a semester or a year abroad.

SEBS follows the Bologna Process which facilitates the mobility of students from Europe. Under the Bologna Process and a point system, known as the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), students are able to study at different European universities without the need of interrupting their undergraduate or graduate studies.

Students exchange programs are a chance of a lifetime. It is an adventure that you can only have when you are a student! It is also an investment in your future. Going from the familiar to the unfamiliar will provide you with a unique experience for your personal and academic development. Student exchange programs can enhance your language skills and help you prepare for the challenges of the global employment market.  
Exchange students and visiting students are a vital part of the SEBS community as we encourage a flow of talent and aim to provide opportunities for networking with peers from different countries of the world and from different backgrounds.