School of Economics and Business is an institution dedicated to the enhancement of education system quality. Due to this, SEBS has begun the process of accrediting education system quality with the most respectable accreditation organizations, AACSB - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development, believing that standing out in quality is the only way to prosperity in the area of higher education.

Since 2006, School of Economics and Business has been the only educational institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is a member of EFMD and AACSB associations. In 2012, the Faculty was accredited by EFMD for programs „Financial Management“ and „Marketing Management“, and in 2015, after more than a ten-year long accreditational process, it was officially granted AACSB accreditation and thus became the first AACSB accredited higher education institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

The accreditations that the School has were granted by the world's leading accreditational agencies that continuously monitor the fulfilment of their demanding requirements. Obtaining an accreditation has various benefits for the academic program itself, its members and teachers, and for the institution as a whole in the context of international recognition of its high quality and its enhanced position on the educational global map in the area of business.      

Schools that have the above mentioned accreditations are considered to be among the best schools of business. Only 10% of business schools around the world are owners of AACSB and EPAS accreditations.  


International accreditations have the following importance for students: 

  • Your knowledge and diploma will be recognized and acknowledged in the whole world, which enhances the chances for your employment
  • Your education has high academic and ethical standards and fulfils labour market requirements 
  • Your process of studying at SEBS is supported by a team of recognized professors 
  • Your opportunity to participate in additional extracurricular activities is great 



AACSB is an association of educational institutions, corporations and other organizations dedicated to the enhancement of higher education in the area of management. This agency is the leading accreditation agency for business schools and accounting education programs around the world which promotes a continuous enhancement of education in the area of management and which grants accreditations to whole institutions with all their educational programs. 

School of Economics and Business began the process of application with AACSB in 2009. The first phase was finished in January 2010, when SEBS was accepted as the accreditation candidate. After this, there came the phase of making the accreditation plan under the mentorship of AACSB representatives, along with the procedures and measures for quality control required by AACSB. In 2015 SEBS gained AACSB accreditation and became one of the 5% of accredited schools in the world in the area of economics, management and business.     
EFMD is an international organization dedicated to the continuous enhancement of management development and has been recognized as a global accreditational body for business schools and their programs. EPAS is an international accreditation, granted by EFMD to programs in the area of business economics and management which fulfil the criteria regarding academic excellence, relation to practice and international orientation. 

In 2011, SEBS submitted its application for entering the process for gaining EPAS international accreditation. The application gained a positive evaluation in EPAS Committee voting in Brussels. EPAS Council (EFMD Programme Accreditation System) accepted SEBS application for undergraduate study of Management, for programs „Financial Management“ and „Marketing Management“ (Bachelor Undergraduate Program sub-set). After the completion of all the accreditation phases and on the basis of the positive evaluation of the evaluation team, SEBS became accredited for these programs. The first accreditation of the mentioned programs was granted in 2012 and re-accreditation of three-year programs was done in 2015 and 2018.

AACSB and EFMD accreditation agencies have thoroughly examined: 

  • our programs and student environment;
  • quality of our teachers;
  • our international engagement;
  • our capability to continuously maintain and enhance the required high standards.