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Cathedra of Business Law

Department of Business Law at School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo has existed since 2002. The reason and purpose of this Department is the fact that not one form of organizational business, whether on the local, state or international level, is possible to realize outside the legal order. Understanding and conducting of economic policies in the widest sense, and all the things that these policies encompass, presupposes their inseparable connection to Business Law in theory and in practice. Educating economists for current and future needs of the society requires knowledge from different areas of law, and from business law especially.

Department of Business Law is divided in seven teaching courses – individual scientific disciplines: (1) Business Law; (2) International Business Law; (3) European Law; (4) Securities Law; (5) Tourism Law; (6) Banking and Insurance Law, and (7) Competition and Consumer Protection Law.

Department Members

Department management

Veljko Trivun, Professor, Head of Department
Vedad Silajdžić, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department


Veljko Trivun, PhD
Areas of research: Corporate Management; Corporate Law; Public – Private Partnership, E-legislation.
E-mail: veljko.trivun@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 275 931

Associate professors:

Fatima Mahmutćehajić, PhD
Areas of research: Business Law, International Business Law, Corporate Management, E-Commerce Law, Name of Domain Law, Contract Law, Business Ethics
E-mail: fatima.mahmutcehajic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 253 772

Vedad Silajdžić, PhD
Areas of research: Business Law, International Business Law, Corporate management, E-Commerce Law, Contract Law.
E-mail: vedad.silajdzic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 930