EFSA Katedre

Department of Economic Theory and Policy

Department of Economic Theory and Policy (DETP) aims to educate future economists and conduct scientific research in the areas of economics, international economics and development. Courses at DETP are taught as joint, concentration or elective courses at all the three cycles of study programs. DETP offers the following concentrations: European Integration at the first cycle of studies, International Economics and Business at Business Academy and Internatioanl Economics and European Integrations at the second cycle of studies. Teaching contents of the courses and concentrations belonging to this department, as well as lecture, exam and evaluation performances, have all been in compliance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration since 2005/2006.

Concentrations of the first cycle of studies 

European Intergrations (Academic program Economics)
This concentration aims to get students acquainted with the teoretical and practical aspects of one of the currently most prominent phenomena in global economics – the process of economic integration within the European framework. It is designed to provide a better insight into the functioning of the European Union, business activities inside the Union and with the Union, as well as understanding of what awaits Bosnia and Herzegovina once it joins this integration.   

International Economics and Business (Academic program Sarajevo Business School)
This concentration aims to get students acquainted with the theory, policy and practice of international trade and finance, international economic environment, and various aspects of current international business activities. By combining micro- and macroeconomic approaches, the concentration enables students to see a wider context of international markets, processes and policies, as well as their impact on different subjects. 


Concentrations of the second cycle of studies

International Economics and European Integrations
This concentration aims to enhance the previously acquired knowledge in the area of international economics, to provide a better understanding of different aspects of European integrations and to prepare students for independent practical economic research. It puts focus on studying the chosen subjects in advanced international economics, world's financial system institutional economics, EU economic diplomacy, international competitiveness, regional development, environmental economics, etc. 


Department Members

Department Management:

Adnan Efendić, Full Professor, Head of Department
Eldin Mehić, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department
Hatidža Jahić, Assistant Professor, Secretary

Full professors:

Adnan  Efendić, PhD
Areas of research: Macroeconomics, Institutional Economy, Applied Economics
E-mail: adnan.efendic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 965

Azra Hadžiahmetović, PhD
Areas of research: Macroeconomics, European Integrations, Economic Diplomacy.
E-mail: azra.hadziahmetovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 920

Fikret Čaušević, PhD
Areas of research: International Finances, Financial Markets, Labor Market, International Economy
E-mail: fikret.causevic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 906

Jasmina Osmanković, PhD
Areas of research: International Economy and development, Economic development, International Economy, Tourism, Local, Urban and regional development
E-mail: jasmina.osmankovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 919

Associate Professors:

Eldin Mehić, PhD
Areas of research: Technological Developemnt, International Economy.
E-mail: eldin.mehic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 915

Muamer Halilbašić, PhD
Areas of research: International Competitiveness, Financial markets and Institutions, Statistics
E-mail: muamer.halilbasic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 960

Sabina Silajdžić, PhD
Areas of research: Applied Economics, Innovations.
E-mail: sabina.silajdzic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 926

Snježana Brkić, PhD
Areas of research: International Economy, International Finances, International Trade, Economic Integration, World Trade Organisation.
E-mail: snjezana.brkic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 935

Velma Pijalović, PhD
Areas of research: Financial Markets and Institutions, Fiscal policy, Economy of Public Sector, Economic Developement.
E-mail:  velma.pijalovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 253 760

Assistant Professors:

Hatidža Jahić, PhD
Areas of research: Economics of Development, International Economy.
E-mail:  hatidza.jahic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 253 785

Senior teaching Assistants:

Adnan Muminović, MA
Areas of research: Mactroeconomics, European Integrations.
E-mail: adnan.muminovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 900

Mr. Sabina Duraković
Areas of research: Economy of Public Sector.
E-mail: sabina.durakovic@efsa.unsa.ba