Department of Microeconomics

Department name and General information about the Department

The Department of Microeconomics provides courses which ensure that students acquire a basic knowledge of microeconomic theory which will enable them to understand the primary functions of and the manner in which the main actors of the market economy behave—consumers, manufacturers and the state. Through a clear and thorough analysis of individual market structures – perfect competition, oligopoly, monopolistic competition and monopoly—students gain insight into the manner in which an enterprise applies profit maximization in different conditions.

The Department places particular emphasis on modern theories which explain the microeconomic aspects of business decision-making in conditions of strategic interaction between market participants. The aim of the Department is to explain to students the manner and methods which the state employs in regulating natural monopolies, as well as the role of the state in enforcing environmental protection measures, through the analysis of external effects on different market structures.

The main goal is for students to be able to apply in practice the knowledge they have acquired as they begin working in companies, and to use it as a basis for understanding and making business decisions related to expenses, competitive advantage, demand, prices, industry branches, and in relation to demands made by agencies which regulate the work of enterprises.

The Department offers the following courses: Micoreconomics, and the Economics of Enterprise, in the first year of study of Economics and Management; Economics of Enterprise and Managerial Economics in the first year of study at the Business Academy. Major fields of study currently offered at the undergraduate level according to the Bologna system are: Business Planning and Analysis, and Economics and Business Development.

Currently, the Department employs three professors and four teaching assistants full-time.

Concentration of Studies (per Cycles of Study)

Business Planning and Analysis (I cycle, academic study)

Business Planning and Analysis, a major field of study at the Department of Microeconomics, was specifically created for undergraduate students who wish to learn more about topics related to launching and successfully leading business development, as well as business analysis regardless of the organizational structure of the enterprise.

The study program of this field of study is designed to enable students to acquire theoretical knowledge in the field of business planning and analysis, as well as to gain a series of practical skills necessary for successfully planning, analysing and developing business activities in the private, public and non-proft sector.  

The main aim of this field of study is to fill a gap in the labour market in Bosnia and Herzegovina by providing a work force which has the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully plan and analyse business ventures. Students who complete this field of study will have the opportunity to directly and indirectly contribute to strengthening the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Economics and Business Development

Economics and Business Development, a major field of study at the Department of Microeconomics, is intended for undergraduate students at the Business Academy who wish to study matters related to economics and business development, beginning with the launch of an organization and extending to all phases of the life cycle of an enterprise. Bearing in mind the broad application of the knowledge acquired in this field, and current changes which affect business activities and operations, this field of study is specifically designed to meet the demand for staff in this current field of business economics.

The underlying idea behind the field of Economics and Business Development is providing the necessary knowledge in the field of business economics, and integrating, coordinating and controlling business activities and processes in various types of organizations. In addition, the program is designed so that the student, along with acquiring theoretical knowledge, also gains practical skills necessary for the independent, creative and successful completion of tasks in various job positions. The program also ensures a good basis for launching and successfully managing one’s own business, as well as offering consulting services to managers in various industries.

Department Members


Tatić Kasim, PhD, Professor, Head of Department


Telephone: +387 33 275 939

Kasim Tatić, PhD, is a full-time professor in the field of microeconomics. He has taught at the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo for thrity years, and currently teaches courses in Micoreconomics (in both Bosnian and English), and Managerial Economics in the first year of study.

Areas of interest and research: micoreconomic principles for environmental management; economics of knowledge and innovation; human potential and motivation; economic principles of intellectual property and ownership rights; development and enhancement of business processes.


Martinović Danijela, PhD, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department


Telephone: +387 33 275 934

Martinović Danijela, PhD is an associate professor who currently teaches Economics of Enterprises and Economics of Business in the first year of study.

Areas of interest and research: economics of enterprises, microeconomics, production management, operations management, public sector auditing, performance auditing.


Bičo Ćar Mirha, MSc , Senior Teaching Assistant, Department Secretary


Telephone: +387 33 275 980

Bičo Ćar Mirha, MSc, is a senior teaching assistant who currently teaches courses in the field of microeconomics. Thus far, along with courses taught at the Department of Micoreconomics (Economics of Enterprises, Micoreconomics), she has also taught: Fundamentals of Management, Strategic Management, Crisis Management and Leadership. 

Areas of interest and research: economics of enterprises, labor productivity, business processes, monitoring work performance, business planning.


Avdić Armin, MSc,  Senior Teaching Assistant


Telephone: +387 33 275-945

Avdić Armin, MSc,  is a senior teaching assistant who teaches courses in the field of Microeconomics, but also frequently teaches other courses at the School of Business and Economics in Sarajevo, such as Banking, Evaluating Enterprises, Analysis of Business Activities of Enterprises, Economics, Industry Analysis.

Areas of interest and research: Microeconomics, assessing the value of enterprises, Growth and development of enterprises, benchmark analyses, privatization of the electro-energetic sector, managerial economics, banking and banking management, restructuring enterprises, real investments, analysis of business activities of enterprises, crediting enterprises, business consulting, managing information systems, business


Činjarević Merima, MSc , Senior Teaching Assistant


Telephone: +387 33 253-784

Činjarević Merima, MSc , is a  senior teaching assistant in the field of Microeconomics. Thus far, she has taught the following courses: Managerial economics, Micoreconomics, and Industry Analysis (School of Economics and Business Sarajevo and Griffith School Dublin).

Areas of interest and research: microeconomic theory and analysis; business economics in the hotel and catering industry; stakeholders approach to enterprises; socially responsible business practices; consumer behavior.


Veselinović Ljiljan, MSc , Senior Teaching Assistant


Telephone: +387 33 253 766

Veselinović Ljiljan, MSc , is a senior teaching assistant at the Department of Microeconomics who, along with teaching Economics of Enterprises, Business Economics and Microeconomics, has also taught other courses such as: Fundamentals of Management, Project Management, Change Management, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management

Areas of interest and research: microeconomics, business economics, lean philosophy, strategic and operative planning, costs, simulations.