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Department of Microeconomics

Department of Microeconomics is in charge of the realization of courses that provide students with basic knowledge in microeconomic theory that helps them understand target functions and ways of behaviour of key actors of market economy – consumers, producers and the state. By a clear differentiation of individual market structures – perfect competition, oligopoly, monopolistic competition and monopoly – students get an insight into the ways in which an entrepreneurship can make maximum profit in various business conditions.  

The Department puts a special emphasis on modern theories that explain microeconomic aspects of making business decisions in the conditions of strategic interaction among market participants. The Department aims to explain to students the ways and methods that the state uses in order to regulate natural monopolies, as well as the role of the state in the realization of environment protection measures through the analysis of external effects on various market structures.  

The basic goal is to enable the students to practically apply the acquired knowledge in their work in enterprises and to make that knowledge a basis for understanding and making business decisions regarding costs, competitive advantages, demand, prices, entering and leaving the industrial branch, as well as the requirements of agencies that regulate the work of these enterprises. The aim is to make students ready to use microeconomic analysis as a means for solving a wide spectre of problems that enterprises comes upon in their everyday work.    

Courses that are studies in this Department are: Microeconomics and Enterprise Economics on the first year of Economics and Managemenet, and Economics of Enterprises and Managerial Economics on the forst year of Sarajevo Business School. Concentrations that are currently offered at Undergraduate studies according to the Bologna systems are called: Business Planning and Analysis, and Economics and Business Development.  

Department Members

Department Management

Kasim Tatić, Full Professor, Head of Department
Danijela Martinović, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department
Ljiljan Veselinović, Assistant Professor, Secretary

Full Professors:

Kasim Tatić, PhD
Areas of interest and research: micoreconomic principles for environmental management; economics of knowledge and innovation; human potential and motivation; economic principles of intellectual property and ownership rights; development and enhancement of business processes.
E-mail: kasim.tatic@efsa.unsa.ba 
Phone: +387 33 275 939

Associate Professors:

Danijela Martinović, PhD
Areas of interest and research: economics of enterprises, microeconomics, production management, operations management, public sector auditing, performance auditing.
E-mail: danijela.martinovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 934

Jasmina Mangafić, PhD
E-mail: jasmina.mangafic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 253 768

Merima Činjarević, PhD
Areas of interest and research: microeconomic theory and analysis; business economics in the hotel and catering industry; stakeholders approach to enterprises; socially responsible business practices; consumer behavior.
E-mail: merima.cinjarevic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 900

Mirha Bičo-Ćar, PhD
Areas of interest and research: economics of enterprises, labor productivity, business processes, monitoring work performance, business planning.
E-mail: mirha.bico-car@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 980

Assistant Professors:

Ljiljan Veselinović, PhD
Areas of interest and research: microeconomics, business economics, lean philosophy, strategic and operative planning, costs, simulations.
E-mail: ljiljan.veselinovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 253 766