Message from the Dean

On October 1st 2018, Jasmina Selimović, PhD took over the position of Dean of the School of Economics and Business Sarajevo. Her mandate will last during the period of academic years 2018/19 – 2021/22.

„School of Economics amd Business has to maintain the position of a leader in the field of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will continue improving academic and scientific research activities at our faculty. The international cooperation and mobility of our professors will surely be intensified, as well as the cooperation with the very significant business sector. Our goal is to be recognized as the source of good ideas, extraordinary knowledge and high-quality education. SEBS has to be synonym for the academic excellence and the guarantee for the successful future of our students“, stated professor Selimović in terms of her vision of the Faculty.

Professor Selimović, currently associate professor at the Department for Finances and Department for Quantitative Economics, became the second and the youngest Dean during 66 years of the School of Economics and Business Sarajevo. New management board, headed by Jasmina Selimović, PhD, will continue maintaing success and modernizing with the special focus on achieving exceptional results and aiming at becoming prestigious higher education institution in the field of economic and business sciences at the territory of South-Eastern Europe.