Mission and Values

The Mission 

To become a prestigious higher education institution in the area of economic and business sciences in South East Europe region by 2025.

We are prestigious higher education institutions in this part of Europe according to the assessment of leading European and American accreditation and certification bodies/agencies – It is a matter of prominent status to graduate from our School. We enroll the highest number of excellent candidates form B&H, region and abroad. Our School fosters environment that stimulates production of intellectual outlets in diverse sub-disciplines of economics and business that contribute to the practice, disciplines and pedagogy of higher education. We embrace our continuous responsibility to advance economy and society we live in. Through lifelong learning we remain continuously attached to our students.  Aware of our role of education of experts that will lead and develop both economy and society, towards achieving the highest professional standards trough responsibilities for growth and development of the community, we are the bastion of expertise for our students and business community. The position of our students in the business community serves as mirrors of our competitiveness


  1. Professional Excellence
  2. Joy of Learning and Flexibility
  3. Autonomy and Stability
  4. Strategy Commitment
  5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation