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Department of Marketing

Department of Marketing offers the following courses: Marketing, Marketing Management, International Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Communication, Consumer Behaviour, Service Marketing, Public Relations and Corporation Communication, Marketing of Nonprofit Organizations,  Business to Business Marketing, Strategic Brand Marketing, Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing, Sales Management, Marketing Information System. Students can choose Marketing in the first cycle of studies, and proceed to a specialized study program on the second and third cycles. 


Department Memebers

Department Management

Vesna Babić-Hodović, Full Professor, Head of Department: 
Nenad Brkić, Full Professor, Deputy Head of Department
Denis Berberović, Assistant Professor, Secretary


​Almir Peštek, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Marketing management, Digital marketing, Social media marketing, Marketing for non-profit organizations, Tourism
E-mail: almir.pestek@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 958

Emir Kurtović, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Strategic marketing, Marketing research, Marketing, Marketing planning, Strategic planning, Organization and management
E-mail: emir.kurtovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 937

Melika Husić-Mehmedović, PhD
Areas of interest and research: Luxury goods and luxury spending: branding luxury products, analysis of the consumption of luxury goods; Materialism, status symbols and profiling the target group; Consumer lifestyles; Current issues concerning traditional media
E-mail: melika.husic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 774

Vesna Babić-Hodović, PhD
Areas of interest and research: Marketing of services, Marketing, Marketing management, Marketing in tourism, Marketing of financial institutions, Quality management and models of measuring the quality of services
E-mail: vesna.babic-hodovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 975

Nenad Brkić, PhD
Areas of interest and research: Integrated marketing communications, Advertising – creative and media strategies, Public relations and corporate communications, Sales and sale staff management, Professional sales and negotiations
E-mail: nenad.brkic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 936

Emir Agić, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Quantitative marketing methods, Determining prices, Strategic marketing, Marketing research, Consumer behavior
E-mail: emir.agic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 930

Associate professor:

Adi Alić, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Global marketing, Brand management, Marketing of distribution channels, Trade, Marketing management.
E-mail: adi.alic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 253 752

Maja Arslanagić-Kalajdžić, PhD
Areas of interest and research: B2B marketing, Financial responsibility of marketing, Services marketing, Corporative reputation, Strategic marketing.
E-mail: maja.arslanagic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 883

Selma Kadić-Maglajlić, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Strategic marketing, Personal sales, Sales management, International marketing, Structural modeling in marketing, Ethics.
E-mail: selma.kadic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 947

Denis Berberović, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Marketing research, Qualitative marketing methods, Marketing communications, Public relations and corporate communications.
E-mail: denis.berberovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 253 775

Teaching Assistant:

Alisa Mujkić, PhD 
E-mail: alisa.mujkic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 996