Department of Marketing

Short description of courses offered by the Department

The Department currently offers the following courses:

  • Marketing
  • Marketing management
  • International marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing communication
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing services
  • Public relations and corporate communication
  • Marketing of non-profit organizations
  • Business to business marketing
  • Strategic brand management
  • Direct marketing and Internet marketing
  • Sales management
  • Marketing information systems

Students can study marketing as a field of study in the 1st cycle of study, and continue onto a specialized study in the 2nd and 3rd cycle. Representatives of the Department also organize numerous courses and seminars (as part of the lifelong learning program) in individual areas.


Department name and general information about the Department

“Marketing is everywhere. Formally or informally, people and organizations take part in a number of activities that can be called marketing. Good marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of business success. Marketing has a profound impact on our daily lives. It is embedded in everything we do...”

Philip Kotler, PhD

In today's global environment, all insufficiently developed countries are undergoing a hard, but challenging period of growth and development. Education is one of the key components of this development. Bosnia and Herzegovina is still witnessing a lack of knowledge and skills required in this contemporary environment, and a different way of managing companies. New insights necessary for the market economy system imply a lot of things, with the area of marketing being vital for understanding the process and achieving a competitive advantage in this context.

The Department of Marketing at the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo was founded in the 1970s, with Prof. Radovan Milanović, Ph.D. as Head of the Department, and was the first of its kind in the former Yugoslavia. Currently, it is one of the leading marketing departments in the region, and the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its members and graduates have conducted a vast amount of research, published numerous academic papers, books, professional papers, and lead many projects. Many influential academic and business experts in the region and worldwide are graduates of this Department.

Currently, the Department of Marketing employs 16 faculty members and associates. The Department's primary aim is to provide students with a profound knowledge of the fundamental principles and contemporary trends in the field of marketing.

Major fields of study (by cycle)

I cycle

Economics and management

Major field of study: Marketing management


Marketing management is a field of study which develops and ensures high quality marketing programs and supports education and development of skills which aid students in developing, implementing and controlling strategies and techniques in the fields of marketing and business. This includes the fields of strategic marketing, understanding and managing the market, creating marketing operations and techniques, managing all the aforementioned aspects and their implementation. Study programs and work with students are designed in accordance with contemporary trends and changes, and prepare students for future job positions in the profit, nonprofit and public sectors.

Business Academy

Major field of study: Marketing


Marketing is a field of study which ensures that students will be successful in their business careers in the marketing sector. The study program is focused on implementing marketing strategies and techniques. Students receive important knowledge of all marketing disciplines from professors who, along with a successful academic career, also have much practical experience. It is an approach which is directed towards the practical application of acquired knowledge as the majority of our students are already employed.

II cycle

Major field of study: Marketing management


At this level, the study program in marketing integrates topics in the fields of marketing management, marketing research, sales and international marketing into a unique area of research. The program is designed so that the topics and fields which are being studied must be directed towards business processes and their application must transcend the barriers of the traditional functional organization and emphasize and strengthen intra-organizational relations.

The program is designed so that it encourages a change in the understanding of business on the basis of the field of marketing by providing an excellent education in the field of marketing strategies, offering knowledge and information, and their dissemination. It is directed at maintaining a balance between studying, research and service. The aim of the program is to aid in constructing an approach to business and orientation which leads the market and leader into creating knowledge in the field of strategic marketing and constructing an active approach to creating business.

Department faculty/staff

Head of Department: Vesna Babić-Hodović, PhD, professor
Deputy Head of Department: Nenad Brkić, PhD, professor
Department secretary: Maja Arslanagić-Kalajdžić, PhD, assistnat professor 



Academician Muris Čičić, PhD
Areas of interest and research: Strategic marketing, International marketing, Consumer behavior, Marketing in the public sector, Marketing of nonprofit organizations, Service marketing, B2B marketing

Anto Domazet, PhD
Areas of interest and research: Strategic marketing, International marketing, Strategic brand management, Competitiveness, Foreign direct investments, Export promotion, Privatization and restructuring

Vesna Babić-Hodović, PhD
Areas of interest and research: Marketing of services, Marketing, Marketing management, Marketing in tourism, Marketing of financial institutions, Quality management and models of measuring the quality of services

Nenad Brkić, PhD
Areas of interest and research: Integrated marketing communications, Advertising – creative and media strategies, Public relations and corporate communications, Sales and sale staff management, Professional sales and negotiations

Emir Kurtović, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Strategic marketing, Marketing research, Marketing, Marketing planning, Strategic planning, Organization and management

Associate professor:

Melika Husić-Mehmedović, PhD
Areas of interest and research: Luxury goods and luxury spending: branding luxury products, analysis of the consumption of luxury goods; Materialism, status symbols and profiling the target group; Consumer lifestyles; Current issues concerning traditional media

Rusmir Sendić
Areas of interest and research: Marketing of small and medium enterprises, Marketing of distribution channels, Managing marketing channels, Trade management, Internationalization of retail marketing channels, Organization and functioning of the wholesale and retail trade, Marketing strategies in trade

Almir Peštek, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Marketing management, Digital marketing, Social media marketing, Marketing for non-profit organizations, Tourism

Eldin Mehić, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Internationalization of business, Foreign trade, Foreign direct investments, Corporative social responsibility, Service marketing

Assistant professor:

Selma Kadić-Maglajlić, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Strategic marketing, Personal sales, Sales management, International marketing, Structural modeling in marketing, Ethics

Maja Arslanagić-Kalajdžić, PhD
Areas of interest and research: B2B marketing, Financial responsibility of marketing, Services marketing, Corporative reputation, Strategic marketing

Emir Agić, Phd
Areas of research and interest: Quantitative marketing methods, Determining prices, Strategic marketing, Marketing research, Consumer behavior

Adi Alić, PhD
Areas of research and interest: Global marketing, Brand management, Marketing of distribution channels, Trade, Marketing management

Senior Teaching assistant:

Denis Berberović, MSc
Areas of research and interest: Marketing research, Qualitative marketing research, Marketing communication, Public relations, Corporative communications