Department for Quantitative Economics

A brief description of areas that are studied at the Department

Courses covering the study areas of Quantitative Economics and Mathematics can be studied at the Department for Quantitative Economics.

During the first year of study, the following courses are offered: Mathematics for students of  Economics, Statistics in Economics and Management, and the Business Statitstics, depending on concentration line of studies.

During the second year of study, the following courses are offered: Quantitative Methods in Economics and Management, Quantitative Models in Finances, Economic Analysis and Operational Research.

There is a possibiity to study other courses within this Department, which have been listed as concentration courses or electives in ECTS Catalogue of Courses 2010.

Courses originating at the Department for Quantitative Economics are taught in English at Sarajevo Business School in collaboration with Griffith College Dublin (GCD), where the Department faculty teach Business Mathematics and Statistics.

Courses of the Department for Quantitative Economics are taught in English on the full-time concentration line of study. The curricula and syllabi of the courses offered by the Department have been harmonised with the principles of Bologna Process.


Department name and general information on the department

Quantitative methods and models have always had a great importance in Economics. With the development of research in Economics, based on empirical data, as well as with the development of information technologies, their role have become indispensable. The application of quantitative methods and models in Economics has a number of advantages, which all contribute to the quality of research in Economics. With the application of  quantitative methods, models and adequate algorhythms, the more complex phenomena and processes in Economics can be studied more efficiently and more precisely, as well as their interrelationship, in order to reach decisions and predicts movements of economic phenomena and processes.

The Department consists of 13 members, 11 of which are participating members, fully employed at the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo, whereas the remaining two are supporting members. In the academic ranks of the Department there are two Full Professors, two Associate Professors, and three Assistant Professors. Five Senior Teaching Assistants have earned their MSc in Economics, and there is one teaching assistant in the rank of Assistant Professor.

Some Department faculty members published a number of textbooks from the field of Quantitative Economics. They also publish their papers in national and international journals, and present the results of their research at international gatherings and conferences.

We try to pass the knowledge to our students from the field of Quantitative Economics, teach them how to apply it in practice, as well as to share the same enthusiasm and responsability to whatever work they intend to do.


Concentration of Studies (per Cycles of Study)

The ECTS Catalogue of Courses 2010 has envisaged within its curriculum of studies the concentration of studies entitled Quantitative Economic Analysis for the students at the Department of Economics. This concentration's syllabus has been conceived in such a way that it enables students to learn contemporary quantitative methods and models and their application in economics, as well as to educate future professionals for usage of analytical methods and techniques in the economic analysis and modelling.

The Department for Quantitative Economics  has offered at the MA level, in compliance with the ECTS Catalogue of Courses 2010, the concentration of studies entitled: Quantitative Economic Analysis and Models. This concentration has been intended for such students who would like to deepen their knowledge and comptences from:

  • statistical methods for analysis of economic and business movements,
  • the application of statistical analythical methid with the application of contemprary statistical software,
  • multivariant analysis method,
  • econometrical modelling,
  • method of optimisation,
  • operational research.


Department Management:

Prof. dr Rabija Somun-Kapetanović, Head of Department
Prof. dr Lejla Smajlović, Deputy Head of Department
Ademir Abdić, MSc, Teaching Assistant, Secretary to the Department


Prof. dr. Lejla Smajlović
Areas of research: Mathematical analysis and applications, Analytic number theory, Automorphic forms.
Telephone: + 387 33 275 928

Prof. dr. Rabija Somun-Kapetanović
Areas of research: Statistics, Econometrics, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods of Economic Analysis, Quantitative Methods in Management.
Telephone: +387 33 275 994

Prof. dr Željko Šain
Areas of research: Quantitative Finance, Insurance, Actuarial Science.
Telephone: + 387 33 275 992

Associate professors:

Prof. dr Emina Resić
Areas of research: Sample Selection Models, Parametric Inference, Nonparametric Inference, Time Series Analysis, Multivariate Statistic.
Telephone: + 387 33 275 924 

Dr. Esmir Pilav

Areas of research: Differential Equations, Discreet Dynamic Systems. Theory of Chaos, Applied Mathematics

Assistant professor:

Dr Almira Arnaut-Berilo
Areas of research: Operations research, Optimization Methods, Decision Theory, Quantitative Methods in Management, Multivariate Statistics.
​Telephone: + 387 33 275 954

Jasmina Selimović, PhD
Areas of research: Quantitative Finance, Insurance, Actuarial Science.
Telephone: + 387 33 275 992


Merima Balavac, MSc
Areas of research: Statistics, Econometrics, Operational Research, Quantitative Methods in Economics.
Telephone: + 387 33 564 393

Lamija Šćeta, PhD

Areas of research: Theory of Numbers, Theory of Summability, Applied Mathematics.
Telephone: + 387 33 564 398

Adela Delalić, PhD

Areas of research: Statistics, Factor Analysis,Mathematical Models of Decision Theory, Operational Research, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Methods in Economics.
Telephone:  + 387 33 253 780

Senior Assistant:


Ademir Abdić, MSc
Areas of research: Statistics, Economic Analysis, Econometrics, Quantitative Analysis of Time Series.
Telephone: + 387 33 275 991

Zenan Šabanac, MSc, Teaching Assistant



Ass. Tea Mioković, MA