International Conference on Banking and Finance

The University of Sarajevo, in cooperation with the University of Utara Malaysia, is organizing the fifth International Conference on Banking and Finance. The conference serves as a great platform for academics and researchers to present and share the findings of their studies, and offers participants an opportunity to discuss their ideas, research and practical experience in all areas of finance and banking.

The conference will be attended by major officials and experts in field of corporate and international finance, accounting, risk management and insurance, bank management and development economics. The keynote speaker is Dr. Salim Rashid, a professor at the prestigious University of Utara Malesia, as well as at the University of Illinois, USA. One of the speakers at the conference is prof. Dr Kemal Kozarić, Dean of School of Business and Economics

The ICBF Conference is dedicated to maintaining the highest world ethnical standards for authors, editors, reviewers and publishers included in the act of publishing in a reviewed procedure. Within the conference, a special workshop on the Computable General Equilibrium model will be held for all participants.

The theme of this conference, "Inclusion, Inequality, and Financial Stability - New Challenges" is suggested by the momentous changes, in both thought and practice, taking place in banking and finance. In this spirit, we invite papers on all the traditional areas and also welcome novel analyses and solutions - whether it be on shadow banking, cross-border flows, negative interest rates, regional economic blocs, or the political choice of monetary systems.

The conference will take place at School of Business and Economics, University of Sarajevo, from 17 to 19 July 2017. For more informations, visit the official website of the conference; connection.


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