Since its establishment in 1952, the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo (SEBS) has dedicated particular attention to development of scientific and research work and publication of literature needed for successful studies. Substantial interest for studying economics science brought about a steady increase in the number of students at SEBS. This fact, combined with an increased interest in entrepreneurship and private initiative caused a constant increase in demand for literature on economics published by SEBS. For this reason, and in particular with the aim of protecting copyrights,  as well as the justifiable interest of students, in 2000a separate organizational unit “SEBS Publishing Business”, which unifies all the processes and activates related to book publishing, was started.  The publishing business covers the business activities within scope of the School’s activities, namely: publication of books, journals and periodic publications, and wholesale and retail trade in books, journals and confectionary. Since its establishment in 2000, SEBS Publishing Business has published over 120 titles.

The first SEBS’s Collection of Papers was issued in 1996, while in 2008 Collection of Papers, volume 28 was issued.

The primary goals of the work and operations of the Publishing Businesses are:

  • Meet the student’s needs for literature, while protecting the copyrights of authors and the interests of SEBS as the publisher,
  • Reduce the price of publications, for the students at SEBS, through donations and sponsorships,
  • Enable and incentivize preparation of different ancillary materials required for teaching for the purpose of its modernization,
  • Adequately present SEBS in international cooperation, and
  • Facilitate publication of textbooks for professors, and publication of doctoral dissertations and other publication to teaching assistants and assistant professors.

Activities are executed in parallel, motivating the authors to publish at SEBS while working on lowering the prices of books for the students.

The publishing program demonstrates the development that the Publishing Business has experienced to become a reliable publisher in the domain of economics. The authors are acknowledged economists, and the publications are adapted to today’s conditions for doing business, illustrated with specific cases from practice and real-world experiences. This is why they are indented and useful not only for the students but for entrepreneurs, managers, experts in particular fields and all those wishing to acquire elementary knowledge in economics, marketing, information technologies, law, etc.

In addition to authors, the SEBS Publishing Business has successful cooperation with printing houses and designers, striving to create each new book as a high-quality product.
Special thanks for publishing of particular publications are owed by the Publishing Business to enterprises and organizations from BiH as donors and sponsors. Thanks to them, the students and the wider public have the opportunity to purchase books at lower prices.

The SEBS Publishing Business will continue to make available high-quality editions, under the conviction that contemporary ways of doing business and innovative ideas are prerequisites for development of a new socio-economic system.


One segment of the Publishing Business is the Bookstore which is located in the main entrance hall of the School. The Bookstore sells all kinds of publication issued by SEBS, as well as publications in the domain of economics and related fields by other publishers.

The Bookstore is open on working days, from 8:00 through 16:00 hours.


Trg oslobođenja 1, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phnoe: +387 (33) 275 937,
Phone: +387 (33) 253 783 (Bookstore)
Fax: +387 (33) 275 994

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