Which program to enroll in?

1st (first) cycle of studies

1st (first) cycle of studies includes three parallel three-year long programs:

  • Academic program, with majors: Economics and Management
  • Practice-oriented program: Business Management
  • International program in cooperation with Griffith College Dublin (henceforth GCD): Sarajevo Business School

ACADEMIC PROGRAM: Economics and Management

The three-year (“academic”) program includes two majors: Economics and Management, Business Administration. The study lasts for six semesters and involves a total of 180 ECTS credits, including the internship and diploma thesis.

a) Economics

Economics program aims at educating professionals for varied aspects of economic science in the areas beyond the classic business functions, i.e. an enterprise as a business system.

After the core courses, mandatory courses at the major, students have the opportunity to select one of these concentrations:

  • International economy
  • European integrations
  • Quantitative economic analysis
  • Macro-financial management

The program ends with a diploma thesis, and depending on the legal solution, i.e. a decision at the University in Sarajevo level, it will use the title of BSc (Bachelor of Science) or BA (Bachelor of Arts). Upon the completed program, students can immediately enrol in a master or MBA program.

b) Management
This program is intended for those who want to combine the analytical knowledge of economics, business and management with practical managerial skills. This program should yield future managers and business analysts with excellent insights into the logic of business processes.

The program provides for the following concentrations:

  • Banking and insurance
  • Financial management
  • Macroeconomic management
  • Marketing management
  • Management and information technologies
  • Management and organization
  • Accounting and auditing

The program ends with a diploma thesis, and depending on the legal solution, i.e. a decision at the University in Sarajevo level, it will use the title of BSc (Bachelor of Science) or BA (Bachelor of Arts). Upon the completed program, students can immediately enrol in a master or MBA program.

2. Business Management

The program aims at profiling future economists who will work in typical modern business functions. As opposed to the Management, program, its goal is to provide students with basic managerial knowledge for performing the classic business functions.

The program includes following concentrations:

  • Banking and insurance industry
  • Marketing
  • Management and organization
  • Entrepreneurship and business economy
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Development of business information systems
  • Tourism

Upon the completion of program, students can be admitted to an MBA or master program in Management, provided they have two years of working experience (before or after studies) in the profession, and that they have passed the following differential exams prior to admission: Mathematics for economists, Statistics in economics and management, and Quantitative methods in economics and management.

3. Sarajevo Business School

This is the first undergraduate program in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has the ENQA European accreditation for quality. Classes are delivered fully in English, and lecturers include respectable professors from the University in Sarajevo and Griffith College. The first two years of the program are delivered in Sarajevo, and the third year in Dublin, Ireland. Students take their degree in Dublin, upon which they can continue with postgraduate studies in Ireland, B-H, Commonwealth countries or in any European Union country, or else find a suitable job and obtain a permanent residence visa in the EU countries.

Curricula for these programs were developed by Griffith College Dublin and approved by HETAC (Higher Education Training and Awards Council), a state agency for granting accreditations for higher-education institutions in the Republic of Ireland).

Depending on the program, students will be granted a double degree: one by University in Sarajevo pursuant to Bologna standards, and a degree by Griffith College Dublin, Ireland.

2nd (second) cycle of studies

2nd (second) cycle of studies – Master studies is organized through the following forms:

  • Master program with the following majors: Economics (Macro-financial management) and Management (Banking and Insurance, Marketing, Financial management)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Griffith College Dublin, upon which students are granted a double degree: by University in Sarajevo and by Griffith College Dublin, Ireland.
  • Joint master program in cooperation with Faculty of Economics in Zagreb with the following majors: Corporate management, Accounting and taxes, Financial reporting and auditing, Quality management in education, Quality management in health care, Strategic information management
  • Joint master program with Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo in the area of Management in local communities’ development
  • Joint master program with Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana in the area of Economics and public sector management and environmental economics

3rd (third) cycle of studies

3rd (third) cycle of studies – doctoral studies are delivered with Faculties of Economics in Vienna and Ljubljana, and includes two doctoral programs:

  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy Program (Economics, Management/Business) – academic and research oriented three-year program, with 180 ECTS points.
  • DBA – Doctor in Business Administration (Executive Doctorate or “professional doctorate”) – a practice-oriented doctoral program, part-time, again in three-year duration and with 180 ECTS credit points.