Center for Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management



The idea for establishing the Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management Center of School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo emerged from the increasing need within the business environment related to the improvement of the existing businesses and creating entirely new ones. Over 70% of BH entrepreneurs who started and built small and medium-size enterprises have secondary education. This fact indicates the need for informal education of individual SME leaders. Besides, the business environment increasingly requires delivering modular training for employees of companies and organizations of all sizes and types related to developing and improving cognitive and practical skills and abilities, which was not provided by former education system.

The Center would is focused on support to our students who have ideas for developing new businesses but have a lot of problems and questions pertaining to their implementation and commercialization in terms of business, legal, economic and technological aspects.

The Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management Center of School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo should is center that offers encouragement, education, networking and support by SEBS teachers and students to business community in BH and the region. The Center is focused on providing various services to business community in a way that allows teachers and associates’ knowledge, as well as students’ propulsive ideas to be implemented in practice. Besides educating business community members and SEBS teachers and associates, the Center would is focused on students’ additional education and training through topical presentations, competitions, work on projects and directing toward funding sources and support. Openness to new ideas is of great significance for our students and their careers after the completion of formal education. The Center would become an incubator for developing business leaders, individuals who have already established their businesses and want to improve them, and for developing entirely new businesses. Center activities would promote the significance of entrepreneurship and start-up businesses among students and within broader business community.

The most important project is a CEO Conference (Career Opportunities and Entrepreneurship). The conference is an annual event that connects youth with successful people who are positive examples which motivate participants to proactive approach to entrepreneurship and career development by breaking the myths of success and adoption of new knowledge and skills. More information:

Centre activities are implemented through five services, as follows:

  • Resource services
  • Education services
  • Business services
  • Student services
  • Research services


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