Message from the Dean

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo (SEBS), the only internationally accredited faculty of economics in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2012, SEBS has been the owner of EPAS Program Accreditation granted by the most prominent European accreditation agency EFMD, and in 2015, the School was also awarded an institutional accreditation by the oldest American accreditation agency AACSB.  

School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo is an institution dedicated to the enhancement of higher education system quality. Acquiring an accreditation brings multiple advantages for the academic program, its members and teachers, and for the institution as a whole in the context of international recognition, high quality of the program and the institution's positioning on the global map of education in the field of business.     

SEBS has been actively working on connecting its target groups including students, employees, the Government and business community through the organization of social events and other professional conferences. We encourage cooperation with nonprofit organizations, student and teacher volunteering, and participation in social activities and projects of social responsibility.

In line with its vision, SEBS wants to become a prestigious and influential higher education institution in the Southeastern Europe in the fields of business and economics by promoting connections and enhancing a dynamic dialogue on socially responsible policies with a leading role in higer education community.

The values we are led by in the achievement of these goals are the high quality of all our processes, academic excellence, responsibility toward different segments of social community, integrity and opennes. We want our students to acquire these values in a cordial and working atmosphere and to lead the economy and society toward the achievement of the highest standards of their profession. 

If you are in search of a unique learning experience that will help you acquire the knowledge and skills needed for success in the business world, School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo, is the ideal choice. With customized student groups and the adequate academic and administrative support, we are able offer a modern approach to education to every student. I am inviting you to start a virtual walk through our website where you will surely find all the needed information that will help you create the conditions for a successful career at the best faculty of economics in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Jasmina Selimović, PhD