PACINNO project aims to build a number of bridges between: countries, research and innovation centres, business and academia, policy-makers and recipients of public support in the Adriatic Region. It will do so through the promotion of innovation in academic institutions and the business system in the Adriatic region. Research and technology transfer between academia and business will be promoted, both at the country and trans-country level. Through rigorous benchmark and analysis of best practices, project will also provide suggestions to policy-makers at the local, national and regional level. The project will promote the commercialisation of research outputs (and the technology transfer in general) and support the establishment of new high-tech ventures. PACINNO will help establish a common regional innovation platform for innovation to facilitate cross-border innovation cooperation and best practices transfer across countries, leading to the construction of a true regional innovation ecosystem that will put the Adriatic region on the European map of the most dynamic and innovative areas.

Lead Partner: University of Trieste, Piazzale Europa L ,34127, Trieste, ltaly.

Project Partner 1: Centre of Excellence for Biosensors, lnstrumentation and Process Control (COBIK), TovarniSka 26,5270 Ajdov5dina, Slovenia.

Project Partner 2: University of Rijeka Faculty of Medicine, Brace Branchetta, 20, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia.

Project Partner 3: School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo (SEBS), Trg Oslobodjenja - A. lzetbegović 1, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina.

Project Partner 4: University of Tirana, Sheshi, Nene Tereza, P.o Box L83 Tirana Albania.

Project Partner 5: lnstitute Mihajlo Pupin, Volgina 15, L1060 Belgrade Serbia.

Project Partner 6: Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro, Jovana Tomaševića 37, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro.

Project Partner 7: lonian University, loannou Theotoki 72, 49IOO Corfir, Greece.