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The Role of Academic Research in Informing Evidence-Based Policymaking

The Regional Science Association International 



The scientific journal Regional Science Policy and Practice belongs to Regional Science Association International and it is committed to promoting the development of Regional Science across the globe specifically through the promotion of special issues nurtured by workshops.

The main purpose of this first workshop is to mobilize and nurture talents across the Western Balkans, publish a special issue of the journal on Sustainable Regional Development and European Integration in Western Balkans, and support RSAI in the creation of regional science sections in Western Balkans.

The workshop titled "The Role of Academic Research in Informing Evidence-Based Policy Making" aims to explore and emphasize the crucial connection between rigorous academic research and the development of effective, evidence-based policies. In this workshop, participants will delve into how scholarly investigations contribute to the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies that address societal challenges.

Key topics covered will include the process of translating research findings into actionable policy recommendations, the importance of robust methodologies in generating reliable evidence, and the role of academia in bridging the gap between research and policy domains. Through discussions, case studies, and interactive sessions, attendees will gain insights into how evidence-based policymaking can be strengthened through a symbiotic relationship with academic research. Ultimately, the workshop seeks to empower participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster informed and impactful policy decisions grounded in sound research practices.

In the context of the Western Balkan countries, the workshop on "The Role of Academic Research in Informing Evidence-Based Policy Making" holds particular significance. These nations, undergoing various socio-economic and political transformations, face unique challenges that demand well-informed and context-specific policy interventions. By emphasizing the importance of evidence-based decision-making, the workshop aims to address the specific needs and complexities of the Western Balkan region. Academic research can play a pivotal role in providing tailored insights into the region's challenges, offering data-driven solutions, and guiding policymakers toward strategies that are both effective and culturally relevant. In the context of Western Balkan countries, where policy decisions can have far-reaching implications for regional stability, economic development, and social cohesion, the integration of academic research into the policymaking process becomes not only beneficial but essential. This workshop serves as a platform for fostering collaboration between academia and policymakers, ultimately contributing to the development of robust, evidence-based policies that align with the unique circumstances of the Western Balkan countries.
Participants will have the opportunity to present their research and receive constructive feedback from peers and senior scholars.