School of Economics and Business University of Sarajevo received the EFMD re-accreditation and the third Eduniversal Palm of Excellence and international influence

School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo, received two significant recognitions from international institutions for quality assessment of economic and business schools in the world.

EFMD accreditation organization (European Foundation for Management Development) awarded quality re-accreditation to the graduate academic programme in the English language  to a maximum period of five years. The programme set „Financial Management & Marketing Management“ was first accredited by EFMD in 2012 and since then has been continuously renewing this most significant programme accreditation in Europe for economic and business schools. 

EFMD programme accreditation is an all-encompassing system of programme accreditation which represents a standard for what is considered to be an internationally recognized and reviewed programme, which verifies its quality and value. As such, this accreditation helps the public and target groups to get a clearer image on the quality of these institutions and their programmes at the international level. 

Accreditation process entails an inspection of all programme aspects: from its institutional, national and international environment, its design, deliverance, learning outcomes and influence, all the way to quality assurance processes. EFMD accreditation emphasizes the academic significance of the programme, its practical relevance, internationalization, as well as ethics and sustainability.   

„EFMD programme accreditation is one of the most engaging, but most efficient ways of accrediting the quality of academic programmes in areas of economics and management. This achievement confirms our School's dedication to excellence and continuous improvement. Renewal of this accreditation conveys a clear message of excellence to our students, former students, academic and corporate partners. We are proud that we are part of this elite group of business schools in the world“, said prof. Jasmina Selimović, PhD, Dean of the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo. 

The other significant recognition comes from the French Eduniversal ranking system which included School od Economics and Business in the category 3 Palmes of Excellence, which represents the excellence of business schools with a significant international influence. The School has thus been promoted from the category of 2 Palmes. 
The level of excellence is given to every school on the basis of a set of criteria of internationalization that was developed by the International Science Committee. Schools are ranked within each level in accordance with the mark given by deans from all over the world. Internationalization criteria take into account: accreditations, world ranking lists of business schools and membership in international and national academic associations.

Eduniversal system marks schools according to the international reputation at the national and global levels, and according to the geographic zone. Upon choosing 1000 of the best business schools in 154 countries, they are grouped into five levels of excellence which are called Palmes of Excellence by Eduniversal. There are five levels of Palmes of Excellence. 

„The vision of School of Economics and Business is to become an influential higher education institution in Southeastern Europe in areas of business and economics, to promote connectedness and enhance a dynamic dialogue on socially responsible policies as a leading institution in B&H higher education. The improvement in Eduniversal ranking and acquisition of one more Palm for our school represents a confirmation that we are on the right path towards the ambition to excellence and realization of our vision. This award recognizes the development of influence and reputation of our institution at the national and international levels“, said Dean Selimović. 
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