Islamic banking
Two-year program in English. Delivered in cooperation with University of Bolton, Great Britain.
2 years
120 ECTS

Program value

The program prepares participants for work in banks operating on the Islamic banking principles, or in other financial companies operating on the same principles, and allows them to develop careers in this area.

  • Internship in the bank operating on the Islamic banking principles
  • Joint diploma of University of Bolton and University of Sarajevo

Who is the program intended for?

The program is intended for candidates who want to acquire knowledge in the area of Islamic banking, including finance, Islamic business law, financial models etc.

Structure of the program

I1. Research Metodology; 2. Basics of Islamic Law and Economy;
3. Islamic Banking and Finance; 4. Islamic Business Law;
5. Profesional Practice and education in Bosna Bank International Sarajevo – I dio
II1. Financing Models of Islamic Banks; 2. Islamic Insurance-Takaful;
3. Comparative Accounting; 4. Conventional Banking;
5. Profesional Practice and education in
Bosna Bank International Sarajevo – II dio
III1. Advanced Islamic Banking and Finance; 2. Islamic Bank Risk Management;
3. Islamic Capital Markets; 4. Investments Analysis from Islamic Banking
Perspective; 5. Project - preparation for master thesis
IVMaster thesis



Taking into account the joint diploma granted by the University of Sarajevo and University of Bolton, upon completing their studies all the candidates will be granted the degree of the Master of Management – Islamic Banking, with the diploma granted by these two higher-education institutions. It means that the diploma will be recognized and equal at the international level, particularly in Great Britain, since the program will be accredited by the University of Bolton, Great Britain.

Admission requirements

The program admits candidates who have completed the undergraduate three-year of four-year university studies and achieved 180 ECTS or 240 ECTS.

Fee of studies

6,845.40 BAM – per year of study*
*All former generations of students of the Islamic Banking master program were supported by scholarships of BBI Bank, amounting to 30% - 80% of tuition fee on average. BBI Bank will provide scholarships to students of Islamic Banking master program in the future as well.


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