Financial and Marketing Management
A three-year study program in English language. The program lasts for six semesters and has the overall of 180 ECTS credits, including the internship and diploma paper. In the fifth semester, the students are offered two concentrations: Financial Management and Marketing Management. This program has EMFD Bachelor accreditation granted by the most prominent European accreditation agency EFMD.
3 years
180 ECTS

Why this programme?

In a dynamic business environment, the role of marketing and financial professionals has become more critical in ensuring the long-term success of enterprises.

The three-year programme Marketing management and Financial management will provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a marketing or financial professional, and the confidence to progress into a number of roles.

Graduating with a concentrations in marketing management improves your employment prospects for a career in marketing and  you will be well qualified for roles such as: marketing executive, market researcher, public relations officer, digital marketing account executive and etc.

A degree with a concentrations in Financial management will give you the skills for a career in financial services such as banking, insurance, investment management, pension fund management and etc.



What title do you get?

Bachelor of management

Programme set Structure*

The program is divided in six semesters, four of which are attended by all students. It is only during the fifth semester that students get to choose one of the following concentrations: 

1.Principles of EconomicsCorporate FinanceStrategic Management
2.Introduction to Business Principles of MarketingQuantitative Methods in
3.Business Law StatisticsManagement Information Systems
4.Principles of ManagementMicroeconomicsFinancial Accounting
5.Mathematics for ManagementAccountingQuantitative Models in Finance
6.Business InformaticsMacroeconomicsInternational Economics and Business



On the fourth semester (second year) of the study program you can choose one of the following concentrations:

1.Financial ManagementFinancial Risk ManagementActuarial ModelsMarketing Management

Marketing Channels

Brand Management
2.Fundamentals of Financial Analysis International Financial ManagementFinancial Markets and InstutionsConsumer BehaviorPrice ManagementGlobal Marketing
3.InsurancePortfolio Management Taxes and CorporationsMarketing ResearchServices MarketingMarketing Communications
4.BankingElectiveElectiveDigital Marketing and Social Media ElectiveElective
5.Business EthicsInternshipElectiveBusiness EthicsInternshipElective
6. Research ProjectBachelor's Thesis Research ProjectBachelor's Thesis


Programme set delivery mode

FM&MM programme set is delivered in the full-time mode, based on both the traditional “in-class” model (10 weeks of classes per semester) and the “online” model (5 weeks of classes per semester). The amount and schedule of “in-class” and “online” weeks are consistent every year and regularly publicized at the beginning of every semester. Programme delivery operates based on the academic year divided into two semesters - fall and spring semester. The fall semester starts at the beginning of October and lasts until the middle of January, while the spring semester starts in mid-February and lasts until the beginning of June. Each semester at the I cycle of study includes 15 weeks of instruction. Exams for the fall semester are held in January-February, while exams for the spring semester are held in June-July.

Note: During the COVID-a9 pandemic, the programme set is delivered online.


Admission requirements

The enrolment to Management in English language is very restrictive regarding the criteria. Entrance exam is taken in Mathematics and English language. 



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