EFSA Katedre

Department of Finance

Basic scientific disciplines of Department of Finance are: Business Finance, Financial Management, Monetary and Public Finance, Insurance, Banking, Instruments and Institutions of capital market, etc. The field of finance is studied in 75 different courses most of which are elective courses in different expert concentrations in all the three cycles of studies, while a number of them are basic courses studied by all students at the School. The main aim of the courses in this department is to provide students at all three degrees of studies with basic and advanced knowledge regarding the use of financial disciplines for analyses and for making different decisions in enterprises and in public institutions, expert bodies and local communities. This field is characterized by a great amount of dynamics and countinuous development, and this is why the Department of Finance has a constant task to modernize the existing knowledge as well as to spread it onto new disciplines in this field.

Department Members

Department management

Džafer Alibegović, Full Professor, Head of Department
Jasmina Selimović, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department
Mr. Nejra Hadžiahmetović, Teaching Assistant, Secretary

Full professors

Adnan Rovčanin, PhD
E-mail: adnan.rovcanin@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: +387 33 275 949

Dženan Đonlagić, PhD
E-mail: dzenan.djonlagic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 900

Muharem Karamujić, PhD
E-mail: muharem.karamujic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 911

Sead Kreso, PhD
E-mail: sead.kreso@efsa.unsa.baFikretfikret.causevic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 918

Željko Šain, PhD
E-mail: zeljko.sain@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 900

Associate Professor

Azra Zaimović, PhD
E-mail: azra.zaimovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 253 787

Džafer Alibegović, PhD
E-mail: dzafer.alibegovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 253 761

Jasmina Selimović, PhD
E-mail: jasmina.selimovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 906

Kemal Kozarić, PhD
E-mail: kemal.kozaric@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 941

Assistant Professor

Adem Abdić, PhD
E-mail: adem.abdic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 944

Lejla Lazović-Pita, PhD
E-mail: lejla.lazovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 564 362

Mirza Kršo, PhD
E-mail: mirza.krso@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 253 778

Selena Begović, PhD
E-mail: selena.begovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 941

Senior Teaching Assistant

Tea Mioković Polić, MA
E-mail: tea.miokovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Phone: + 387 33 275 781